Dear Friends


Excerpt from Siv Jensen's speech to FrP's congress in May 2013. Performed at the opening of the Lorck Schive Prize exhibition at Trondheim Kunstmuseum in October 2013.

Dear friends! Dear fellow celebrators! Congratulations on our fortieth anniversary! Forty years of serving the cause of lower taxes and less government intervention. Of fighting for the individual! For freedom! Against established opinion. For a society where the state does not intervene, but does provide help. For a society where the government exerts less but better control.


They said that buying bread on Sundays was going too far. But they couldn’t let us be right! So what we got was “cut-corner” shops. And they said that money couldn’t follow patients. But they couldn’t let us be right! So what we got was contribution-based financing. They said we had to have a telecommunications monopoly. Now we have full competition, to the benefit of everyone! When TV was only in black and white, they said we couldn’t have colour television. And when that finally arrived, it was more channels and competition that weren’t allowed!

They say that public schools should remain a monopoly. Yet slowly but surely, a few aspects are being privatised. Admittedly, they aren’t yet available to everyone! Because it’s only those who can afford to pay the extra fees who can get the benefits.

And they said, or they say, that we should have a state monopoly on health! Yet slowly but surely, private elements are being introduced here too. Admittedly, they aren’t available to everyone. They’re only for those who can afford to pay for them.

We were greeted with a barrage of eggs and insults when we started a debate on immigration. Now at least we’re having that debate. And after September the ninth, things will actually happen!


Our entire programme is important! We have visions. We have a vision of a safe society. Of freedom. And creativity. Which is why we want still more individual freedom! And responsibility, too. For the individual. But free people need to be safe. Which is why it is perhaps the most important task of a government to protect its citizens. Safety is also a matter of economics. One needs to be safe to support oneself and one’s family, to have a job to go to, which also gives freedom. And it is this freedom that stimulates inventiveness, creativity, innovation and fresh ideas.


Safe streets. Safe society. Safe homes. Safety in our daily affairs. Which is why the police force matters! Why visible policing within the community matters. Why police patrols matter! This is why it matters that our laws reflect the crimes that are committed. But when freshly qualified police can’t get permanent jobs, then the Norwegian model is getting in the way of the Norwegian people. Then the system is getting in the way of reason.


Or when criminal law isn’t implemented. Because our computer systems are outdated. Then the Norwegian model is getting in the way of the Norwegian people. Or when the Polish police have state of the art equipment funded by Norwegian taxpayers (all credit to them for that), while the Norwegian police struggle with old equipment. Then the Norwegian model is getting in the way of the Norwegian people! Then the system is getting in the way of common sense!


Or when criminal asylum seekers without a right of residence in Norway hang out along the Aker River in Oslo dealing drugs to young people. Then the system is getting in the way of reason. Which is why we will guarantee a job to every newly qualified police officer. Because we need them! It is only by appointing more police officers that we will enlarge the police force! This is the only way we can make our citizens safe in their everyday lives. Which is why we will invest in new and modern equipment. In weapons. Helicopters. Cars. Technology. And it is why we will establish closed reception centres for asylum seekers. Because we want control of those who enter Norway! We want control until we have clarified their status. Once a right to reside in Norway has been granted, then things are different. But those who are refused residence permits must leave! And the only effective means to ensure they do is closed reception centres.


And this is why we will provide the police intelligence service with greater resources. To prevent terror in Norway. It is this that makes us safe! It is this that makes everyday life easier for the citizens of this country.


A few years ago, a new pension system was introduced for the people of Norway. The aim was to save money. We were told it was needed in order to make the Norwegian economy sustainable, in order to make the public welfare system sustainable. So the sustainability of the Norwegian economy does seem to matter. But when fresh calculations show that Norwegian immigration policy is utterly unsustainable, what do you know! we hear nothing but silence. Are we really the only ones who dare mention the fact that the cost of current immigration policy, if allowed to continue, will – in just five years, no more than five years! – it has been calculated that in five years the cost of this policy will be four thousand one hundred billion kroner! How can I explain to you how much money that is? It’s our entire oil fund! Plus the state’s shares in Statoil combined. Here, ladies and gentlemen, it is not just the Norwegian model, or the Norwegian system, that gets in the way of reason. Here it is naivety that gets in the way of reason.


Which is why we will tighten up Norwegian asylum and immigration policy. So that we can concentrate on improving integration among those who have received a right to reside in Norway. This, quite simply, is why we want reason to trump the system! So that we can make daily life easier for ordinary people.


Dear friends. We have big ambitions! We have great visions for Norway! The country we love. For forty years we have been working for this. And now is the time to get out there and electioneer like never before! So that we can bring reason back to life after September ninth, and ensure: an easier way of life for ordinary people.


Thank you very much.