Opening speech, «Between the lines», Oslo Art Academy

Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a beast of wealth and taste

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads are tails
Just call me PATRIARCHY Just call me CLASS Just call me PRIVELEGE
‘Cause I’m in need of some restraint

I was extinct a long time ago
Completely inadequate by now
Useless, heavy, high maintenance
But you keep me alive
In your minds
In your actions
Breathe my breath
Tend my old heart
Would rather not hurt me
Poor you
How will you know
With all these gray zones?
Like, are you not allowed to be a man anymore now? Not allowed to be a woman anymore? Can you no longer fall in love now? Are you not allowed to flirt, not allowed to have sex anymore now?

What a witch-hunt! WITCH-HUNT!
Power is transparent from the inside, opaque from the outside, this is one of my greatest tricks
Your own power is invisible to you
Only everyone else sees it
It gets quiet in the room when you enter

You feel a little dangerous,
Like a rock star maybe
Like one of them, just a bit better
More central
More relevant
More beautiful
So cool
So cool
That’s me

When you say ‘and when you’re a star they let you do it, you can do anything, grab them by the pussy’

When the victim carries the shame
That’s me.
I’ve been around for hundreds, thousands of years, so long that you think I’m nature itself.
So smart!

When you say the professors marry the prettiest girls
When you say ‘they’re building a career’
When you think it’s part of the game
Real women have always been able to put a man in his place
Or when you don’t believe he did it, he has such a beautiful wife/ girlfriend/ boyfriend
Or: she is so popular and loved
she can have anybody, why should she bother?
He must have done something, it takes two to tango
Gold Digger

That’s me.

When you fantasize about black men with ‘the little extra’
And they have such a good rhythm
Great at hip hop and jazz ballet, but maybe not so great at ballet or opera
How the Asians are best at maths and incredible when it comes to computer stuff

So disciplined, so neat, almost like machines actually
And Asian women are very accommodating in bed
When a female minister says ‘no, I’m no feminist’
When a professor says ‘feminism has failed, it has only produced mediocrity’
Haha! HahahaHAAAA!
That’s me!

Because I’m really SMART, like genius! And a STABLE genius at that.
That’s me
making you say: I’ve worked hard for all I have, I deserve this position, these privileges
And: If they are so clever, why are they not in the boardrooms then?
Or in the collections? In power? There is obviously some biological factor that makes them LIKE subordinate positions! They want to be led. Need to be led. They like it! One must respect their choice! Anything else would be patronizing.
That’s me.
Who writes about female sociopaths, who use their femininity to manipulate men

Playing them like puppets

She’s dangerous, unreliable
Their desire is her fault, she makes them want her, she drives them crazy, she makes them do what she wants
Just look at her!
That’s me.
That’s me who allows you to call people escaping from a country you’ve bombed and destroyed to protect your own interests in the territory an ‘invasion’
Who allows ministers to get all teary and say they are not cold people, they are actually warm, good, caring Christians, it’s just that we can not help EVERYBODY, then nobody would be left where they come from
They must fix their own problems

It’s for their own good
They need to stop blaming others
The colonial era is long gone
What an old excuse, don’t even try it

We gave you freedom, now what do you want?

Like: please mention just ONE important art piece made by an African, and I mean really important
That’s me

Who says that the Mediterranean art treasures are better kept in northern European museums
Down there they are unable to take care of them, can only be trusted with plaster casts and copies

They’re charming, of course, with their big brown eyes, like children almost, but completely irresponsible
You know
gay, all of them, of course.
That’s me
Who says you deserve it
Whatever it is
You chose it yourself
Wanted it
Worked for it, it was a choice and it was yours

Who puts women in jail for claiming the right to their own bodies

Locking them in
Saying: violence is a part of sexuality, that the liberty to seduce and importune is essential
Forcing some sense into their heads

And it was me, of course, who invented the mother of all dirty jokes:
What is a woman?
A life support system for a cunt

That’s me.