Monologue. English translation by James Manley

When it’s all over, nothing but glitter remains. It will cover the surface of the Earth, settle over all things, fill all pits and cavities. The Earth will be a giant disco ball, smooth, shiny, glowing in space.

You say:
You say: Stardust.
You say I lack the power of abstraction. Metaphors often do.

The Moon
Draws the water to her, drives it away, over and over and over again Driving people mad
Solace for our stepping on her

1+1=2, you say
But 1+1 has never been 2 There are no numbers
No numbers that endure
All dikes burst in the long run No surfaces are sealed
No cuts are clean

I am the mist that rolls over the waves out there Floats around in time
Where we live our lives.
Rolling in

Rolling out Washing in Splashing wet

The secret space
That you’d so like to own Where you’d so like to go back

We overflow
The blood in the veins
I am the earth. I am the mist, I am the night, I am the depths. The deepest depths, bottomless and empty. In a bikini, in evening dress, in leather, in a training suit, everyday and fancy dress. Not naked, not dressed, we take our secrets to the grave when we die, buried in our own bodies, in the bog, all the way down.


And I feel, feel, feel myself beneath your feet

Floating Undulating

Black as earth
Black as
Night night night
Half moon full moon rising sinking Swelling

The dirty business that is repeated every month: there are children who cry for hours when they find out they’re doomed to it. My hair, milk, eggs, teeth, skin, I can stretch and shrink, swell up and cave in, pant with the heat, mysterious even to myself, inscrutable, hidden, irregular, damp, dangerous, I am the other side of everything, the anti-matter that sucks you in, exhalation to your inhalation, the bog beneath your shoes, the treachery of the marshes, the black water beneath the ice that breaks. The big shiny eyes, the wet snout, the heavy udders. Can’t make a promise, can’t keep it, have no core, no base, can only se seen from the outside. Fundamentally unreliable, false, put on your surname as soon as I can.

Mohini, Lilith, Scylla, I am the negative, the Sphinx, I am the lioness with the head of Hat- shepsut, alabaster body, claws dug into the sand, asking questions without meaning, speaking in riddles, tearing out your heart, saying no and meaning yes. Never alone, always in company with my own image. When I walk, I am the image of a walking body, when I weep I am sorrow.

I, I, I, makes no sense except as an echo, I send it back where it came from. Live on reflected light. Half the world is always dark.

Take me, take me, I lie here waiting, mouth full of earth and teeth. Breathe life into me, I hardly exist. A vessel of motionless matter, a plaything of mechanical moods, an uncultivated landscape, a half-finished thing, with no will but to be wanted.
Give me your troubles
I’ll keep them with mine

What’s that colour
Forming around your eyes?
Eyes like wells
Eyes like mirrors
Down down down, longer, longer, longer The weight of the hands
The weight of the feet


Sleeping gas Ssssssssssssssssss

The name you gave me slips away easily, I am invisible when you turn away your gaze, merge with the background, vanish into the shadows, into the indistinct, intangible, unassai- lable. I was here first.

Counting is magical, if anything human can be. For numbers are something no one has ever seen or heard or known.
Take hold of me. Feel here. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.
I feel my legs, stretching beneath my skin, stretching out my skin

I draw a ring in your hand / Draw a ring in your hand

Everything flows
We are in all places at all times
The body before the name
Always old always new
Watch the boundaries fall like dominoes
The first becomes the second and then the third or all at once, melting together Your language one big jumble, we watch you clinging to it

A school of fish, we glimmer like silver under the surface, glitter Piranhas
Open mouths